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Life Insurance Corporation

A LIC or Life Insurance Corporation of India is the biggest insurance company in India and one of the most profitable state-run enterprises in India from 1956 to 2001 LIC was a monopoly in the Indian life insurance market being created by an act of Parliament and Leslie also enjoys sovereign guarantee on its policies which means LIC forces are guaranteed by the Government of India no other private sector player can have

This level of assurance and Laci repudiates only one in every hundred claims on the other hand private payers and other state-run insurance providers on average repudiates eight of the hundred claims this increases the trust of people in the Life Insurance Corporation of India and Trust is one of the biggest factor in an insurance provider success some might say Solan guarantee is an unfair advantage for a LIC leave your opinion about this in

The comment box below it was established after Feroze Gandhi son-in-law then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru raised the issue of insurance fraud in the private sector in Parliament the ensuing investigation put one of India's most richest and influential person at that time Dharma Krishna Dharma in prison for two years he was also the owner of Times of India newspaper after that investigation the government decided that life insurance


Should be a state-run monopoly to avoid further incidents like this during this time India was leaning toward socialism nationalization was achieved first through an ordinance of 19 January 1956 and then by a law on 19 June 1956 the Life Insurance Corporation Act release yet this act allowed the government to merge 245 private life insurers

And 75 Provident company since its inception Alessi was extremely profitable to a point where even after liberalisation in 2001 a LIC managed to provide around seven percentage of India's GDP in 2006 as of 2019 Life Insurance Corporation of India had total life window to piece twenty eight point three trillion Life Insurance Corporation of India settled twenty six million claims in the period 2018 to 2019 it has two hundred and ninety

Million policyholders with all these sets as the current government of India considers Alessi as a piggyback Alessi lost around 20,000 crore rupees in two years after being forced by the government to purchase shares of failing state-run enterprises even though stock markets overall have grown during this period in 2017 Alessi bought 50 percentage of IPO shares of New India insurance for a total investment of rupees 5713 crore at an

Issue price of rupees 800 at the time but as of 23rd September 2019 share price of no inter insurance was down by 86 percentage to one hundred six point eight five rupees Ellis's rose around 757 crore rupees it's a similar story for General Insurance Corporation Alessi invested rupees five thousand six hundred forty one crore in GIC in October 2017 but the value of its investment has nearly half to two thousand nine hundred and seventeen and


Crore in September 2019 Elijah invested rupees two thousand eight hundred forty three crore in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited in March 2018 but the value of its investment has fallen thirty-eight percentage 2751 crore as of September 2019 it's relatively smaller investments in mstc formerly metal scrap trading corporation and bad dynamics are also trading in the red as of September 2019 to acquire loss making state-run Bank

IDBI LIC Investment

IDBI LIC investor rupees 20 1624 crore in the bank to increase its stake to 51 percentage from 8 percentage in September to December 2018 the value of its equity holding is rupees ten thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven crore a fall of 47 percentage in less than a year after the bank now classified as a private sector lender raked up losses amounting to rupees eight thousand seven hundred and eighteen crore in just two quarters

Share Holders

  1. Acquisition of IDBI is also illegal due to regulations prohibit insurers from holding more than 50 percentage stake in any company this also means that LIC is the only insurance India to own a bad idea poses another problem for LSA it already has a subsidiary called LIC Housing Finance Limited as a company cannot be promoter of to finance companies carrying out same finance business so either LS he has to sell its take an
  2. LSE housing or close down housing business of IDBI Bank LIC also picked up more than 40 percentage of shares offered by the government in NTPC in August 2017 it invested around rupees four thousand two hundred and seventy five crore but the value of that investment has come down by thirty percentage in the last two years to rupees three thousand and three crores along with the bailing out the government out through investments in
  3. State-owned firms and public sector banks it has also lend a helping hand to fund stout sectors like railways Road and power over the last few years the reason why we took September 2019 as the base date for our analysis is that it was a way before Kovan 19 took down the stock markets now value of above-mentioned stores have depreciated further but it cannot be attributed to mismanagement of funds previous governments have also forced Alessi to

Financial Decisions In The Past

Make some unfavorable financial decisions in the past but nothing remotely close to this extent do you know what LSE slogan mean LIC slogan is yoga Shimon Bahama huh it is from an ancient Indian language called Sanskrit when translated to English it means that your welfare is our responsibility it is procured from a Hindu texts called Bhagavad Gita the slogan can be seen in

HDFC Standard Life Insurance

hello and welcome to live sessions by hdfc live my name is deepika lalvani and i am your coach for today so festive season is over and i'm sure you have celebrated with full enthusiasm and festivals are equal to indulgence we do indulge and especially when it's diwali and diwali has to be big everything about diwali is

Big whether it is parties whether it is food whether it is shopping or whether it is just the diwali cleaning but tell me has all that partying and eating left you feeling guilty well i'm here to tell you not to do that just relax take a chill pill and today i'm going to discuss a few things that you can do to feel better because festivals are meant for celebrating

And they actually give our minds and bodies a much needed break from the monotony in today's session i am going to tell you how to do the festive detox we are going to talk about certain changes that you can bring to your diet we are going to also discuss whether we really need a detox after that i am going to teach you some movements that are going to help in the same which is detox and

We will end today's session with some meditation which is going to detox your mind free it from all the negative thoughts and free it from the guilt so let's get started so now that your financial well-being is secured let us secure your mental and physical well-being detox confusion but the question is do we really need something like a detox or

Something as extreme as a juice detox well my answer is no because hamara itself with sweat with urine and with bubble movements so you don't really need to do anything extreme but what you need to do is help your body in this process and how can you do that there are five simple principles that you can follow

That are going to help your body in this process of detoxification just by simply increasing your water intake you will be able to help your body in cleansing itself okay but if you are one of those people who don't like drinking too much water sometimes that is the problem even i face so you can do a few simple things first is prepare an infused water what you

Need to do is cut some cucumbers slice some lemons put them in a jar and top it up with water and then you add a few mint leaves to that and leave that for two to three hours refreshing like that and it replenishes the lost nutrients like vitamin c from the body and vitamin c is also an antioxidant will soak up the water and they will

Become all bigger and the next day you can keep drinking that water slowly slowly along with those chia seeds just say added advantage chia seeds will pack an extra amount of fiber foreign it cleans our intestines so as soon as you increase your fiber intake your detoxification becomes faster and more efficient how can you increase your fiber that

Brings us to the third point increase your vegetable intake but please do not eat all those frozen vegetables or all those imported vegetables go for seasonal local vegetables why because these seasonal local vegetables are not just rich in fiber all the vegetables are rich in fiber but seasonal local vegetables are super rich in antioxidants and in vitamins and in minerals so your body needs all these

Things what will antioxidants do they will neutralize the oxidative damage that is done by the fried food or by all the party beverages so these oxygen free radicals that start increasing in your body they will be neutralized by antioxidants present in your vegetables uh principle number four is in a day in every day at least once eat fruits and at least once eat dry

Fruits this is something that you should do every single day whether you're detoxifying or not but fruits have an added advantage definitely they have vitamins they have antioxidants but they are very good to curb your sweet cravings so for example you want to eat something sweet instead of eating chocolates or candies or laddus or whatever eat a small piece

Of fruit you can also eat dry fruits like anjeed or like dates they are also rich in nutrients and they curb your sweet cravings principle 5 it improves your blood circulation it improves your digestion as well and it definitely helps in detoxification blood circulation or digestion toxins so definitely add more movements in your routine this

Brings us to the second part of today's session wherein i'm going to teach you a few movements that will help you in the same thing that we are talking about today which is detoxification so let's do these following movements and all these movements have the same purpose which is your overall health and well-being the first asana that we are going to do is called as mandukasana and mandukasana

Gives a very nice massage to all your internal organs it stimulates your intestines your liver your pancreas and it improves the secretion of insulin and we all know what insulin does it helps us in digesting all those sweets need to sit in vajrasana for this and make fists with your hands then push your hands in your stomach take a deep inhale and for forward bringing your stomach on

Your thighs and your head down and hold this for five deep breaths and now slowly come up so i already told you the benefits of mandu carson you can do this pose every single day the only condition is that you need to be empty stomach don't do it after food do it first thing in the morning after you have freshened up okay so let's move on to the second posture you need to come in a low squat

Position for this but people who have any kind of leg issues like a knee pain or an ankle pain if you don't want to sit in a low squat position you can sit in the chair and just do the arm movement for everybody else who can sit down bring your heels to the floor as you inhale you need to lift up your arms over the head exhale sharply bring your hands down

If you want to take your heart rate even higher then you can do it in a standing position this is called as thakshan asan or the wood chopping pose and you can do 10 repetitions of this you can do 20 repetitions of this depending on how much time and energy you have next we are going to do something called as tadasana