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Bank of Baroda apply for Agriculture Loan online


Welcome to bank of parodha this is how series at bank of baruda we have always aspired to uplift the economy by empowering the farmers of our nation one such offering is the online loan application module for agriculture loans this video is a step-by-step walkthrough for the online application process of agriculture loan you can submit an application through

Bank of baroda's various digital channels like baroda connect the bank's website pop world and peralta once you pick a platform that's convenient for you click on apply for agri loans which will redirect you to the bank's agriloan application module here you can get different choices based on your existing relationship with bank of baroda if you are an existing customer click on i have a bob account if you are a new

Customer click on i do not have a bob account if you are an existing customer and a first time applicant enter your bank of baruda account number enter the purpose of availing loan under the loan requested for option followed by loan amount required under loan amount required option and then click submit enter the otp received on your registered mobile number linked to your bank account and click on continue

An application id will be sent to your registered mobile number and email id for future reference after this an autofilled loan application form will appear in case of any missing information you can fill it by yourself now click on continue on the loan information page loan requested for and loan amount requested will be auto filled as provided earlier which can be further modified by you

Fill your land holding in acres under the land holding option and click on continue provide co-applicant details if any and choose the bank of baroda branch from where you wish to avail the loan now select the declaration check box and click on continue on the document upload page upload kyc documents as proof of identity and proof of address land record and quotation in pdf format and click on the submit

Button after the final submission you'll receive a message regarding the acceptance of the application now your application process is complete new to bank customers can apply for an agri loan using the aadhar number choose aadhar based login and enter your aadhaar number and other information in the provided fields select the declaration check box and click on send otp

Now verify the otp receive on your aadhaar registered mobile number with this an application id will be sent to your registered mobile number and email id for future reference after this an auto filled loan application form including your details will appear in case of any missing information you can fill it by yourself now click on continue new to bank customers without our number can apply for an agree loan by clicking

On i don't have bob account and fill in all the required information enter the necessary information in the subsequent steps and proceed to submit the application form if your loan application is incomplete for any reason click on continue with the existing application to resume enter your application id under revisiting details and click continue continue filling in the necessary details and click on the submit button

At the end after final submission you will receive a message regarding the acceptance of the application and your application process is now complete you will get a call from the bank's customer center within 48 hours of application submission to schedule an appointment to visit the nearest branch for further processes you can also seek answers for any query

Related to agri loans during the call thanks for watching the self guide video on applying for agriculture loans with bank of baroda we are happy to serve you to get started visit the link in the description through a channel of your choice

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

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so if you could tell us why is there a need for educating every parent about this the things that we've just discussed any parent any person who is whether he's salaried whether he's self-employed but definitely there's a need to educate them about education inflation so kudus could you please explain us this whole thing and Why it has become so very important now yeah so uh so first first i'll tell you that we we had this uh survey conducted last year with kanta i am out of the various life goals which people articulated there uh children's education continues to be one of the top goals for which people are today focused on and also it said that you know nearly 50 percent Of the indian parents they found it difficult to afford higher education for the children because of lack of financial support so and and just just before it started uh mr pai was mentioning that you know the typical indian parents would not really want to take loans for uh for educating their children at least you know that's that's how we are Our value system is so if if our life goal remains revolving around uh children's education and education is becoming expensive you know if you look at the top b schools the top irons today have a fee of anywhere between 25 to 30 lakh rupees which used to be anywhere in the range of 15 lakh rupees till 5 years back or maybe lesser than 15 Rupees yeah so inflation is playing a very critical role in deciding the affordability and and as parents we need to be aware of that and we need to start preparing for that start factoring the inflation part in in savings that we keep aside for our children's uh education the safest way for that would be You know there are a lot of tools which are available in in on the internet today you know you can go and pick up any of those calculators which uh factor in inflation which also factor in what is the kind of return that you are expecting on your portfolio which also gives you an idea whether you are a conservative a moderate or an aggressive investor and on the basis of that what is the kind of Return that you can expect it gives you an idea on how much you should be saving on a monthly or a yearly basis if you have to reach at that financial goal or you have to reach at that amount which you are planning to have for your children's education at the time when it is needed so my suggestion there would be that you know it is it is very very important to decide and Define that amount in in financial terms we call it future value so if your goal today is five lakh rupees uh considering the inflation how much that 5 lakh rupees is going to look like let's say 10 or 15 years hence when the parents need that money for their children's education how much do you need to start investing today And what kind of long-term investment tools do you pick up or long-term investment instruments do you pick up so that you are systematically investing and meeting your goals quickly since we're talking about the different kinds of skills and since parents are pressured into this because obviously of the marketing and you know the kind of environment we're living in the digital world so to say Uh so could you tell us how can insurance plans help uh help parents in planning for this new educational age and what should be the right strategy for parents to follow sure first of all i must acknowledge that you know the words of mr pai they they come as such a big relief in their learning you know Especially to come from someone who's who's been a pioneer in the iit industry not only in our country globally and uh emphasizing on the human side of growing up that's very very important mr pai thank you so much for that advice uh coming to how insurance can help in planning for new education uh tell me if i if i take you back a few years you know until a few years back when in our Country we did not have too many investment options uh our parents only had two primary sources of savings what was lic policy second was fixed deposits or maybe we had you know some of them who believed in systematic monthly savings we had recurring deposits uh and my answer to the question that you asked me it lies in that itself that you know the Reason why all of us got educated uh in middle class families uh and our parents could afford that was uh because they had this habit of disciplined long-term savings which they had started with how insurance helps you is it's a it's a long drawn product you know you are you are paying your uh insurance premium for 10 15 20 years and the maturity amount comes to you

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After the policy term has matured so it's a it's a disciplined way of investing uh it doesn't really give you too many options of you know or there are options of withdrawing your funds uh premature but you know it's it's not easy and hence you know it builds that discipline long-term savings habit for you there are products which offer you Guaranteed returns which means that as parents you don't have to be worried about volatility in the interest rates if you have invested in a certain plan today then whatever is the rate which is guaranteed in that plan you are going to get that rate uh at the time of maturity which could be let's say 20 years hence as well another significant factor why insurance is a preferred mode for Uh for funding for education is the tax efficiency the maturity amount that you get in insurance plans subject to you know a couple of parameters being paid it is tax free so it becomes very very efficient for you to save through an insurance policy i also want to bring in another aspect of insurance here which is protection which is the plain simple life insurance You know so if as a parent i feel that you know i need some amount of money ten years hence to be provided for my children in case of an invading mutual during those 10 years period so that my children's education doesn't get derailed life insurance policies also offer you that element of protection right it takes care of your children's future goals they remain protected And within our company also we have we have you know products like git which is a guaranteed plan or we have a product which is called flexi income goal which starts giving you uh interim payouts uh and these products have all been designed keeping the long-term goals of people in mind so i think insurance really helps you in in making systematic disciplined long-term Investments which are tax efficient as well as offering protection so mr pai uh one last question to you uh since we already talked about the multiple career options that the children have in front of them today vis-a-vis which were there like maybe 10 or 20 years ago so any piece of advice as to how the planning part can match up to the education needs of today Well i would agree with you know everybody should save money for the rainy day because money is not going to grow on trees it comes because you work hard you don't consume everything that you earn and you save so we have to say and we must be very careful that uh when we say we keep the money safe when you are younger we have the temptation to put money into instruments which have got Greater risk yes we must take some risk when you are anger but we must decide the quantum of money that we can take a risk on so we always have money at call and i i am one of those who believe that you must consume less than you want because if you consume more than you want then you're going to get into trouble because you have children you have family the dependence etc So you gotta inculcate a habit of saving and you must you'll cultivate a habit of saving in your children too because remember what we do in later life is very often what we are told as children and what we understood as children so children should be taught to save money and to uh you know keep some money and not use the pocket money not to you know spend the entire pocket money And to spend and accumulate money for a period of time and spend what is essential for your child don't over spend don't try to do too many things because the value may not be there don't try to copy others sit down and think about what you want for your child and give them a very good education very good education with values values are very very important Right you see the most successful people around the world many of them are grown up in middle class families with great values which they have even now they're very humble they're very down-to-earth you know they're very very understated correct and i think it's very important to have because that is required for success in future that's my personal view and of course when they Finish schooling we want them to go to the best colleges we want them to get the best professional degree and that for that too you required to save money so i think you had to play it very very carefully because like i said earlier you're going to have very few children we don't have many children and we have to lavish our love and care on the children And as you get older pallavi when you look back in your life how will you determine whether you are being successful or happy if a child is not doing well the children don't do well after you work very hard 25 30 years what you look back and say what what have you done in your life you could be the biggest most richest person in the world you could be the most powerful man in the world

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But if your children are not done well they don't settle down they don't do well they don't get a good education they don't do you know they don't not doing and they're not happy i mean your whole life is gone right so i think it's very essential that uh we do things in a very structured manner and make sure that we have enough for our children and we inculcate the Savings habit to inculcate the right balance between frugality and spending we are already learning a lot from mr pai as to what has to be done and what is to be avoided but when it comes to financial planning are there any common mistakes which need to be completely awarded for a better result and better planning so uh i think the first common mistake Which which i have come across from investors or parents is that we don't have a sharp clarity on the goal itself you know we don't know what is the future amount which is needed to fulfill my child's education goal so first thing i would say is define your goal clearly uh second is start investing early third thing is you know investment as a You know overall investment as a philosophy is is not a short-term philosophy so plan long term when i say plan long term i mean to say stay invested don't get tempted by the volatility in the markets there's a very famous fidelity study old fidelity study which said that you know the the investors who made the highest returns were not the ones who were very Smart in switching and climbing the markets they were the ones who forgot that they had body invested in fidelity and it continued to grow for decades together so i'm not saying forget your money but all i'm saying is stay invested stay invested for long giving into the temptations of markets is is probably a mistake which is to be avoided completely Some of the things which which really deal our long-term plans are a requirement for emergency funds you know we at times are compelled to dip into our long-term goals and that details the plan so create an emergency fund and always keep it aside there are various you know various rules of thumbs that we apply in financial planning but Typically it is said that you know at least three months of your monthly expenditure amount should be kept aside as an emergency fund so that you don't have to dip into your savings which you are making for your child's long-term goal and last thing i would say is if it is possible lock in your money uh in the guaranteed products You know anything which which takes care of the worries around interest rate fluctuate fluctuation look at those investments they will take a lot of your worries away in fact uh leader just to you know close the session as you rightly said during the session as well that financial planning and good habits this is something part of our daily life it cannot be done in a day's time Uh so lastly uh how can one make sure that the returns that one is aiming at on the education fund outspaces inflation you obviously told a couple of things during the session but just to summarize the whole thing uh first thing is that you know power of compounding is known as the eighth wonder in the world if i continue to invest for the long term then the compounding Of my my returns on the investment is something which will adequately take care of inflation effect second thing is uh systematic investment will in technical terms it is called rupee cost averaging which means that you know if if i continue to invest a similar amount of money for a long period and my investments are being deployed at Different rates that also is very effective in meeting the inflation third thing is uh asset allocation how much money do you want to invest in fixed income instruments how much do you want to play in equities uh there i would first say is if you don't know how the equity markets or how the fixed incomes behave rely on a good investment product rely on fund managers And allow them to take decisions but again as a rule of thumb there's one simple rule of thumb which says that hundred minus your age is the amount of money which should get exposed to equities so you know if if somebody's at the age of 40 then 60 percent of the amount can grow in equities but if you are at 50 then you have to start reducing that know your appetite you know just because uh there's some product or some Instrument which has given fancy returns do you have that kind of peptides to play in high risk markets that's something that only you would be able to tell for yourself so these are some of the things which i feel focus on compounding go for rupee cost averaging focus on asset education and be careful about where you're investing if you're able to take care of all these Things i'm very confident that you know parents will be able to take care of inflationary increase in costs

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Karnataka Bank

I welcome back you're watching trading our well it's a day to be a banking stock six-tenths of a percent higher on the Nifty bank and let's head straight to the MK confluence and get a get chatting with a banker Mahabaleshwar ms the md and CEO of karnataka bank now joins in hi sir good morning to you and thanks very much for speaking with us we haven't spoken to you actually since your numbers came out so just a few Quick points on your q1 numbers one I want to ask is that your slippage is while they've come off just a tad it remains still quite high close to that 500 Crow's odd mark what's the outlook now for the rest of FIA team yeah see we have been focusing on the growth management as well as distressed asset management and during the q1 we have achieved a reasonably satisfactory performance in these two friends and going forward what I am looking at is m5 Has been quite satisfactory m4 and m5 also and m6 looks to be very quite positive as far as the traction of the credit and as far as the slippage is concerned we have been able to have a moderate slippage in the QA m4 and m5 also looks to be positive for the m6 there has been some recoveries in the areas especially the borderline cases and after all the bridge the 770 branches and 12 regional offices we are focusing more on the credit growth as The last prevention of the slippage and recovery of the existing account so having said that we are also focusing on the casa growth the the new addition to the casa number is happening as per our expectations and you may be aware of the fact that we have recently introduced four variants for interest variance to our ESP products also so that has helped me to rationalize the interest all flow in the ESP sectors has been could you give us some outlook for the Folia can you do that an hour for how old advances grow yeah yeah yeah slippages yeah as far as as I said the current years I had given five priorities areas one is the credit growth second one is the stressed asset management third one is Casa fourth one is our other it dystrophy based income management and as well as the the para banking activities initiatives and technology-based of products so these are the five areas very we have been Focusing and as far as credit is concerned I am still holding on to my original statement of credit growth of 15% of plus and the asset quality wise I am still holding on to that GNP of around 4% and nnp of around 2% even though in the first quarter as you all know the first quarter generally used to be a stressful stressful quarter and we are also not an exception for that but going forward as I said young for to m12 appears to be a positive one for Karnataka Bank as far as the asset portfolio creation and also are the quality of the assets do you believe you've provided adequately in terms of provisions provision should not be a problem see the plus point as far as my bank's asset portfolio is concerned 94% of our advances are fully secured as a result even if there is a slippage in the first quarter or at the first instance fortunately for me these assets will not slip to either ds3 or loss Asset and they have to pass through that passage of substandard to ds2 LS so that gives me some the Headroom for providing the provisions is concerned 15% would be more than sufficient what is happening is that we have been attracting all those borderline cases I think you may be remembering that last time when I spoke and when I come on when I came on media I told that we have about 1% of our total advances under the borderline So in this bottling cases as of know when I am now almost in the end of m5 around 80% of these borderline cases have already resolved and hardly 10% slipped to an p.m. and another 10% is being is still under the resolution mode and still I have another one month and I feel that we should be able to perform in the management of the stress cassettes portfolio as per our original plan ok so just one final question I know you have already clarified on this Earlier but the buzz grows that perhaps there could be a Cabinet decision on PSP consolidation as early as today itself in the past you have denied that Karnataka Bank is an acquisition candidate has anything changed since then anything that you might have heard of madame ah I am NOT in the PHP sector I am still in the private sector by sector and we are growing strong sorry size of my head please accept my apologies with you know if we didn't Deep all private sector banks I mean if I look at South India Lakshmi car over federal and election me City Union you know your attractively positioned your one of the cheapest banks I mean if you look at price to book you look at market cap to business have you I mean has there been any interaction with investors on any sort of investors interaction is a continuous process in fact I have already started one investors relations sell very recently And this is mainly precisely for that purpose only because we have to be in direct touch with all our investors you may be aware of the fact that Karnataka is not promoted by any group or any major that is the reason why there's always this talk that you may be open to take oh it's been the wrong ages no it is not the case it is a shareholding is widely spread and I have around 1 lakh 40,000 shareholders and so the corporate communication is an Important area that is why we have strengthened that and of course we have our Warner growth strategy the transformation change which my board has deliberated on this we are now in the process of implementation of that transformation change as per our vision 2020 yes for the first two years of our vision 2020 that is the five years program the growth was not up to the expected level but still we have another three years Let me totally focus on that and come up to the expectation of all the stakeholders okay no immediate plans for any M&A very scattered shareholding so you're actually putting that argument about nor identifiable promoter on its head and saying because there is no one lot chunk held by any investor it actually could be tougher to do rather than easier to do I mean any potential M&A but you're very focused on growth and your plan for 2020 vision 2020 thank You very much appreciate your joining in on the show today we will take a very quick break here we focus on emphasis

IndusInd Bank

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel random facts by shikha in today's video we will know 10 quick facts on indus in the bank before starting the video would request you to please like share and subscribe to my youtube channel indusin bank limited is one of the leading banks in india indusind bank was founded on april 1994 By sd hinduja it was founded with the objective to serve the nri community it offers its services in credit card consumer banking corporate banking finance and insurance mortgage loans private banking wealth management and investment banking it had started its operation with hundred crores out of which 60 crores were raised by indian Residents and potty crores were raised by non-residence indians industrial banks recorded a revenue of 5 billion dollars in 2020 and had an employee strength of 30 000 as on 2020 investment bank has over 2.5 crore customers close to 5 000 distribution points and nearly 2 000 branches across the country as on 2020. the sin bank has its presence outside india as well in places like london dubai and abu dhabi indusin bank has largest number of branches in mumbai and then in new delhi followed by chennai indusin bank stands stall as one of the most reputed banks in the country today and first among the new generation private banks in india If you like the video then please don't forget to hit that like button share it with your friends and subscribe to the channel you

Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Sameer's Cancer Story

Here's a nice virtual sorry I had dreams trying to buy my own house trying to provide for my child's future education but it all came crashing down one fine day I was diagnosed with cancer my father in his old age is running around to find the right treatment my wife worked extra hours to manage boom and my treatments my savings were exhausted and I had to resort to wrong ways fortunately cancer was detected at an Early stage so it could be cured quickly today after years of treatment I'm cancer-free but I wish that the money saved for my son's education wasn't used for my treatment only if a good cancer cover was available it could have saved my child's dreams thankfully you can save your dreams presenting reliance nipple knife cancer protection plus a plan that offers comprehensive support through the treatment let's see won't makes it special the Plan covers two instances of early-stage cancer and each time it pays 25% of the basics uninsured in case of relapse the plan offers additional benefit of 25% of the basic sum in short early stage and relapse benefits also come with Weaver off premiums for three years and my diagnosis of major stage cancer the plan offers our lump sum benefit of 100% of the six I'm insured over and above any benefits paid earlier the plan also Offers a monthly income of one percent and some short per month for five years this unique nan offers a total benefit of up to two hundred and thirty five percent of the basic sum insured this plan covers children from age 5 to elderly up to age 65 the premiums under this plan are eligible for income tax deduction under Section 8 e d reliance newborn life cancer protection plus plan is a comprehensive cancer insurance plan that will support through the course and Stages of cancer treatment cancer can be cured wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous future

IndiaFirst Life Long Guaranteed Income Plan

You are successful and growing in life is a certainty for you so ask yourself what is it that you expect from life fulfilling the dreams of your loved ones a secured retired life financially securing your family even in your absence leaving a proud legacy behind for your next generations well what if one plan could help you achieve All of these expectations from life introducing india first life long guaranteed income plan a reliable and exciting plan that stays with you for life ensuring a guaranteed regular stream of income that will help you meet your financial goals and secure the financial comfort of your family as long as you are around and even after india first lifelong Guaranteed income plan comes with unique features little efforts long way pay for a shorter period and enjoy long-term benefits uninterrupted income for life get guaranteed income till 99 years of age more in store return of total premiums paid at the end of the income benefit period additional protection option to add India first life term rider and india first life waiver of premium rider for enhanced benefits complete cover with life cover continuation feature enjoy continued life cover even if you miss a premium customized best flexibility to receive death benefit as a lump sum or as regular income for 5 10 or 15 years Enjoy tax benefits tax benefit may be available on the premiums paid and benefits received as per prevailing tax laws let's see how the plan works ankit at age 38 is a successful professional and a happy family man he has planned for his child's future dreams secured his retirement and ensured he leave a legacy behind for his grandchildren by investing in india first
Lifelong guaranteed income plan for a premium paying term of 7 years and policy term of 10 years he pays an annual premium of 5 lakhs for 7 years he gets life cover for the policy term of 10 years from the end of the 10th year he gets a guaranteed annual tax-free income of rupees 2.35 lakhs till he turns 99 years of age this money helps in providing for his child's dreams and His retirement needs and in his 99th year he receives the sum of premium spade that is a lump sum of 35 lakhs so by investing 35 lakhs he receives a total of almost 1.55 crores which is around 4.4 times the premium paid by him now in case of an unfortunate event during the income benefit period his nominee receives the guaranteed income For the set period that is the income continues for nominee till the policy holder would have turned 99 years of age and gets return of sum of premiums paid at the end of the period features of the plan enjoy long-term guaranteed income till your age of 99 return of total premiums paid at the end of the income benefit period pay for a short period enjoy continued life cover even if you miss a premium Death benefit of minimum 10 times of annualized premium during the policy term flexibility to receive death benefit as a lump sum or as regular income for 5 10 or 15 years option to add india first term rider and india first life waiver of premium rider for enhanced benefits enjoy tax benefits so go ahead invest in the india first lifelong guaranteed Income plan and guarantee your loved ones a path

Aegon Life Insurance Company

We have sharply defined our strategy of being customer focused and protection delayed this means that our way of working and behaviors need to change and this needs to change for all of us because culture needs to be owned by every one of us over here the customer will define our success and not us internally out here and that's why customer expectations should lead to individual change behaviors as well it Needs to reflect in what we do as an organization that is when the customer is a center of the enterprise and will determine the success of this strategy let us commit to change each and every one of us over here let's commit to change change behaviors and change values we should go out over and out - wow the customer we should do complete need-based selling and be fair to the customer offer the right products to the Customer and do meaningful engagement and most importantly honor all our commitments to the customer we need to identify the present needs and also anticipate the future needs of the customer and sell what the customer wants and not what we want to sell engage with the customer in a meaningful way throughout the term so that he feels connected with us and honor our promises in an accurate and timely manner is selling right doing the deed analysis And not pushing in the products and it gives the right benefit and great result as well the persistency of 94% a tenth of our brands speaks the story term insurance policy is required only till the time a person however liabilities but let's say once I'm at the age of 60 I don't need a term insurance because by the time my liabilities are over my kids are grown up so rather I would suggest a customer to go for a retirement policy instead of Term insurance so instead of making a wrong sale I would rather not make a sale each and every one of you have the responsibility to go out and spread the word on protection in in the Indian market and also awareness about us as an organization we have very clearly two situations as customers need to be made aware one in terms of the basic need where don't even but they don't even have a single policy and the second in Terms of being adequately in short where they are underinsured we more empower employees to be ambassadors of life insurance whether as protection or whether as a risk of staying longer where you need to save money your savings may be over and you may not have enough for your retirement inventions mean today the challenge is the awareness is is that point-of-sale as I said when we want to sell something you go to the customer and try to create an Awareness and that too may not be necessarily exactly the need of the customer so the need of the are therefore is to spread awareness where the customer fully understand what they want to buy what is required for them and then let the customers approach us in terms of the needs that they have the other day I met a customer who wanted a product insurance product of 10 lakh rupees his monthly income would be somewhere in couple of lakhs So I told them to list all the liabilities that he had you know the lifestyle caused the children fees and everything and on the other side I told him to write down all the insurance he had by looking at the balance of what though 10 lakh cover he has and the lightly it is he understood that though another protection was missing in his portfolio think ahead anticipate the need of the customer and go out to help in Innovative solutions to service the customer when our customers purchase the product they're thinking ahead 30 40 50 60 years ahead so in order for us to be the most recommended life insurance company of our customers we need to think ahead I think the Cheetos always a means to an end it gives us the ability to directly communicate with our customers so we understand them better we can explain them better what all our products is about and it is ability for The customer to directly purchase our product make it easier for him to protect his family so while future is technology but it is also an important enabler and year 2009 when we considered this route of online insurance we did face resistance but later it became a breakthrough idea and it was widely chosen in the sector we have to carry on with the culture of innovation innovation which brings simplicity for the end customers and all This is done with the intent of making an experience which is good for the customer giving them choices and being or making them instantly a passion to perform means over achieving our goal sheets over achieving our results and over achieving customer expectations passion to perform in one word to me would mean a strong desire to deliver power excellence with a very strong focus on execution famous saying which goes like this is that if it's important For you there will be an extreme strong desire to deliver if it is not then we will probably find excuses for everything you can't really think about your function at all while deciding what needs to be delivered it has to be holistic in nature a lot of times what happens is you decide to do something but then you always take a buffer saying okay even if I do a 70% 80% is okay right but actually passion to perform means that it is not okay you have to Get to the goal poles that you have decided for yourself so let's come these behaviors and these values as we spoke about in terms of passion to perform going over and above the buying the customer every time all the time with no exceptions spread awareness in the Iranian children's market about not only our products but also about protection in general and think ahead Which means anticipating the needs of the customer and offering solutions tuned to that let's all role model these behaviors and walk the talk every time

What should a consumer keep in mind when buying Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance ?

hello and welcome to this very special series finance made simple joining me today is akshay dhan who's the appointed actuary at canada hsbc obc life insurance thanks very much uh akshay pleasure talking to you thank you you know uh because of the pandemic Insurance has been on top of everybody's mind but the big question that probably everybody wants answered is how do i go about selecting the right life insurance for myself so first of all you could tell us a little about that so so that's a very good question vivek um so when you decide that you want to buy life insurance you know life insurance Is a huge repertoire of products it's just not just one product so before you decide to buy or when you have decided that you need some life insurance you really need to decide what is the purpose you want to buy the life insurance for so for instance you could buy life insurance because you want to cover your family in case of an unfortunate event while you are working that could be one purpose the other Purpose could be for saving uh for a particular defining event in the future for example your kids married your kids higher education abroad the third could be your uh you know your retirement you know getting you an income in retirement so there could be a plethora of reasons why you buy life insurance so before you decide you need to really decide what is your Objective and that will then uh critically decide what product you choose or what kind of product you choose you when you buy life insurance right so suppose you have decided that you want to provide cover for your family you know when you are working uh which essentially means that if something were to happen to you you know the family uh the income would still be flowing into the Family and the families living standard will remain the same irrespective whether you're there or not see so suppose you decided that once you've decided that then the next steps will come what are the other things you want to consider while buying life insurance so things like um you know what is the policy term you want to take so in in case of pure production plans which is what i just explained to you About you would look at things like uh you know what is the working life of the individual so if i'm say i'm 30 years old and i'll be working till 60 i would want to buy at least a 30-year pulsator similarly uh what is the amount of coverage i want to buy now typically you want to see that whatever coverage you buy your family in case of your Unfortunate demise your family should be able to maintain the same standard of living which they would have maintained had you been alive and working right so that should give you an indication about the amount of color to buy an interesting variant in this is an increasing cover option because what happens in case of life insurance is that you know life rather is that as you go ahead in life your Liabilities only increase they don't reduce you know you have one kid then you probably have another kid and you maybe buy a house which has emis and stuff like that so liabilities only increase so it's it's actually useful if you can buy instead of a level cover product you can buy an increasing covered product where the coverage automatically increases every year or every few years Which kind of compensates for the increase in liabilities you'll have as an individual so that's that's one thing you would want to consider then then you would want to look at for instance things like you know what is the premium payment term you want to look at typically uh you know uh i would recommend a regular premium policy rather than as limited premium policy in case of Pure prediction plans because they are cheaper and they suit the purpose well um that's that's another thing to look at then you might want to look at things like the premium frequency you know can you afford an annual premium or do you want to pay monthly and annual premium is often cheaper as compared to a monthly premium so that's another thing you might want to look at so once you decide all these parameters And chosen what what what life insurance you want to get and what parameters you need then you might want to look at you know the available companies who have such products and what company you want to buy go for you might want to look at the financial strength of the company you know how it has performed in the past because you do want a stable life insurance company because You know here you are sitting in in a particular area where you are going to be paying premium for the next 30 40 years and you are looking for coverage for the next 30 40 years so you want a situation where the company is will be there when it's needed when it's needed to pay clean so you know you want a financially stable company you might want to look at the tnc's in detail to ensure that you know you Understood the terms and conditions of the product what is the claim settlement procedures because that's what's what is going to be needed then they are often you know in case of pure production products as an example they're add-ons you might want to buy for instance you know you have a critical illness rider or you have you know a permanent disability rider and stuff like that again you might want to see whether you Want those or not depending on what you need is for example i would personally buy a criticalness rider because not only then that product will cover me for life insurance it will also cover me in case some one of the you know one of the main criticalness were to happen to me in my working life you know so then then the loss of income and the cost of treatment would be covered using that lump sum likely paddle idea so all In all so these are the few things you might want to look at when you're buying life insurance uh yeah i think that's that they are the few key important points you might want to look at when you're buying you know life insurance products for yourself yeah and look most important you must tell your family when you bought the product what are the details and where are the documents kept and who to contact in Case in case some unfortunate event were to happen because often what happens people don't even know that their their their breadwinners have bought life insurance policies so it's important to make sure your family knows that you've bought a life insurance policy and what are the procedures to be followed in case a claim has to be made thank you very much akshay for coming by And sharing your perspective with the viewers as always a pleasure talking to you thank you very much thank you so much thank you so much

Future Generali India Life Insurancea

are you still visiting the branch or talking to your financial advisor when it comes to paying your premium figuring out your policy value or updating your personal information about your policy have you ever come across a situation in which your financial advisor has left the company and you don't know whom to contact in case of any query Are you still searching for your latest policy statement in your email inbox is it still a struggle to locate your policy document or to recheck your bank information policy maturity date nominee information etc if you said yes to even one of the above questions here's something for you future generali india life insurance offers you 5 easy to use tools that you can use at any time from anywhere as per your convenience fg live customer app with our one stop Fg live mobile app you can access details related to your policies download policy documents register for auto pay pay your premium modify communication addresses and much more you can download the fg live customer app on your phone from the android or apple app store log in with your registered mobile number and start using our services anytime anywhere whatsapp service simply whatsapp hi to 81081 98633 from your registered mobile number to receive a service menu from where you can choose your required service option and get the relevant information future generally india life insurance customer portal just log on to and access our policy related services all you need to do is register yourself using your email id client id policy number or mobile number once registered you can log in and access host of Services such as pay premium premium calendar premium receipt payment history update profile and a lot more moreover you can track your transactions easily ivr service interactive voice response service with just one phone call you can find out the status of your policy unit statements policy values and much more dial 1800-102-2355 and you can receive all relevant information via voice Instructions sms service to receive information simply send an sms to 560-7003 followed by your request for example to find out where the nearest branch is send envy or to get the latest nav send nav for a complete list of services please refer to the customer service section of our website why wait when you can have what you want Instantly with ease and convenience at your fingertips so go ahead and access your future generali life insurance policy details anytime anywhere empowering you to add flexibility and convenience to your life you

Capital return for Aviva shareholders

Over the last year we've focused aviva's businesses to our core markets in the uk ireland and canada we've sold eight businesses and this generated around 7.5 billion pounds of excess capital in this video we'll briefly explain how we're going to return 4.75 billion pounds to our ordinary shareholders there are two ways we're doing that Through a share buyback program that will finish in march and by giving 3.75 billion pounds to ordinary shareholders through a b share scheme which we'll explain shortly let's take these one at a time firstly let's look at the share buyback a share buyback means that aviva uses its own funds to buy aviva shares those shares are then cancelled which reduces the overall number of shares in Aviva that means each share represents a slightly larger proportion of the company we've nearly finished buying back one billion pounds worth of aviva shares in total this started in august 2021 and will end in march 2022 the second way we're returning excess capital to our shareholders is by giving 3.75 billion pounds to ordinary Shareholders through a b share scheme the way we'll do this is that subject to shareholder approval every ordinary shareholder will receive one temporary share known as a b share for each aviva ordinary share they hold or then pay a fixed amount to redeem each b share you'll find the exact amount you can expect to receive in a document outlining the plans known as the circular which will be published on or Around the 4th of april 2022 as an illustrative example if you had 100 ordinary aviva shares at the relevant record date you'd receive 100 more b shares then we'd give you roughly 100 pounds in exchange for those extra 100 b shares if approved by shareholders the scheme will take place in may 2022 once the scheme has been approved at the general meeting in may as a shareholder you don't need to do anything Just make sure your address and bank details are correct to avoid any delays in receiving your payment we'd also encourage you to vote at the general meeting when ordinary shareholders are asked to approve the plan the b share scheme is an efficient and quick way to return capital to ordinary shareholders finally to mitigate any fluctuation in the price of aviva shares as we return The capital to shareholders we're planning something called a share consolidation as an illustrative example going forward you will hold approximately 75 new ordinary shares for 100 ordinary shares you currently hold the ratio for this consolidation will be set out in the circular this means that the total number of aviva ordinary shares in issue will be less the reduction in the number of shares following the consolidation reflects how Much cash will be returned to shareholders through the b share scheme again full details can be found in the circular after this share consolidation as an ordinary shareholder you'll see your number of shares reduce but you'll still own the same percentage of aviva as you did before to find out more information and read the faqs go online to

PNB MetLife India Insurance Company

Let us introduce you to mr sagar he is enjoying a day out with his family he has a unique habit of looking for guaranteed performance in everything because this helps him to provide a guaranteed and secure future for his family by planning well in advance but sometimes even the most perfect plans can go wrong like today So do you have a perfect partner that you can rely on presenting the pnb met life guaranteed future plan this plan is a one-stop solution that helps you plan your savings protection retirement and life goals along with guaranteed results the plan not only provides guaranteed returns but also extra benefits for paying higher premium amounts so let us look at how this plan works if 40 Year old mr sagar decides to get a policy with an annualized premium of 1 lakh rupees he can choose from the given payout options if he chooses the endowment option with a policy term of 20 years he will get a lump sum corpus at the end of the policy term he will also get guaranteed additions with high premium reward along with wealth editions sagar will receive a lump sum amount at the end of the policy term if mr sagar chooses the income option he Will get a regular income payout in this option guaranteed additions along with high premium reward gets added to the policy during the premium payment term he will start receiving a regular guaranteed income till maturity during the income payout period with the income plus lump sum option mr sagar will get supplementary income to cater to the rising expenses as well as a lump sum at policy maturity Guaranteed additions and wealth additions will be added to his policy he starts receiving a regular income during the income payout period and receives a lump sum amount on maturity income plus booster option provides a regular income to mr sagar in the future he will also get additional payouts periodically as boosters to meet life goals guaranteed additions and booster additions will be added to his policy sagar will start receiving a regular Income during the income payout period additionally sagar will receive periodical lump sum amounts he can also choose to get income payouts on special occasions in all these options he also gets a life cover which protects him throughout the policy in case of his death during the policy term all death benefits are paid to mr sagar's family there are many reasons to consider the pnb metlife guaranteed future plan now You know why sagar was relaxed even when things were not going his way he had a helping hand sagar knows that he can count on pnb metlife guaranteed future plan to meet his goals with a degree of certainty now you can too

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

I'll see I say a Prudential life insurance and PM bttv 18 present mission insurer India life insurance for home mr. Satya well as the senior boasts that we start with you insurance penetration at two point seven other Asian countries are almost double at four point seven percent is this only a product of low per capita income or is it more ignorant how do we calculate penetration penetration is the insurance To GDP ratio now the insurance premium if it increases substantially at a faster rate than the GDP okay obviously the penetration will go and since GDP is growing reasonably well at six seven percent for the last couple of years obviously unless insurance premium grows at a higher rate than that the penetration will not go up and let me tell you over a period of time it is seen that the insurance penetration has been increasing though not at the desire Desired rate but it has been increasing and that is a good sign okay what would you say beneath to that is this that because of the unaffordability factor a lot of people are not buying protection or is it that you know we haven't even reached the message I think it's a combination of everything the the most important of course is the awareness levels the point you made about message I think that is responsibility for all of us together to ensure that what if I Look at it historically I think it is also a bit to do with affordability you know when when the income levels in a country are low people are worried about basic necessities also India traditionally culturally had a very strong joint family system where does insurance come in insurance comes if you are not there who takes care of your dependents in the whole joint family system you know the rest of the family would take care of your dependents like You took care of their dependent I think as families are becoming nuclear as income levels are increasing at least that part is getting taken care of and I think right now the single most important agenda for all of us is to increase the awareness levels and I think government is playing its role regulator's playing its own industry is playing its role distributors are playing their role but clearly there's a long way to go for all Of us okay what do you what would you say mr. Monica is it that a large number of people are not even aware that they have to buy this product it is affordable but they are not buying protection the Hummer is a premium per policy is only twenty two thousand rupees where was the affordable income of following Denise more than two lakh rupees when he is having disposable income of more than two lakh rupees and he is able to you Can either have you only twenty two thousand rupees at the premium there is enough room for them to go for higher higher higher number of policies terminals policies our government policies all the things what I can say awareness is very much either in India or life insurances honorable Prime Minister Modi ji has come out with the PM JJB ways that boosted a awareness it is our ability also is there under penetration to the protection gap the Problem is not just that those who can offered are buying are not buying insurance but they don't seem to be buying enough insurance yeah sheesh what what do you how do you look at this problem why is it that people you know should be insuring themselves for probably a crore their affordability is there but they think probably 10 lakhs is enough that seems to be the bigger problem isn't it I totally agree I think the bigger issue is when a family loses That breadwinner and it doesn't happen it should never happen but but in life it does happen when that happens the economic void created is very deep and people do not fully appreciate the severity of that and that is not communicated enough also I think we as an industry have failed at communicating the size of that void see typically if you look at the insurance industry today roughly ninety seven percent of Premium is going towards some form of Savings products whereas you know what is going towards pure protection is very very small and I think that is the reason as an industry we haven't done enough to educate the consumer on that need and that void and that void as Sir pointed out in a nuclear family today I had so many situations where somebody some friend has expired somebody has expired and they are in a financially difficult position and then friends get together To put some money together etc but it's very little compared to the needs the long-term debt family and I think that gap is whatever the numbers say this 2.7% etc actually means nothing that gap is way too wide right today I would say they are about 1 million two million pure protection policy is being sold in this country which is just too small what what is it as a percentage of total insurance and I think as number of policy will be three percent and that is The reason the biggest issue you are having is a summer short to premium difference people are paying a premium but that premium is not going towards the summer shorts in yeah and the protection is is the reason for this industry so I think somewhere that peace is not being focused sufficiently ICICI Prudential Life Insurance and PMTCT b18 present mission insurer India life insurance firm all 

Karur Vysya Bank

Welcome mean to money petrol new holland sandeep italian a chemical energy maria better always have Mathematica tricking and the servile over area winter could not Patanjali Karenina pretend to a lyrical ABN appear fresh Audrey now the manager of the reason MD managing director resentment sadhana run all over the new Charmin Lambert Arlene apathy annual hearing it's a bank who know profitable not and drove are what On the Bayside EPA circle 18 times EP 18 times earnings trade I took I know I did a banker and I produce ordinary most important ting apart when did the book we're here Valley tomorrow - muta'ali clinic 50% booklet Evita turkey curry why's he ignored even do hold a small bank worker base bank even the padishah problem on at the carnival fast I explained monona thermal power plant occur on katakana or the Capri electricity board edges let the car go To a non kV under here audacity board occur on a thermal power plant okura kiyoko lendemain NPA ditzyali NPS uno and the general industry slow down on ya SMEs mmm SME sector new Sloan on one that Nala on a NP r--'s no verb faster balloon a ditzy other ombre conservative Bank in the car not rather they are not expanding into other for focus into other things other Oh new lending are the crew top another thing we recover recovery bundle of focus are coming Another bangla-pesa returns were learn but are not approve of inherent value of the stock in a book value nor doing the basically loan book loan book wonderful new T&J writer composer paris on a corporate lending cuckoo kotnala paris auto moutains record intimate on your own bed upper body and IA blob bad up over the el arco Sunday haircut Nala in the struck on the be a dealer cool but Kotick institutions investor sangamore report for television Em both of our work you eighty rupees for aq value you fair valuation a being sold on one rather in diversity our Allah they were sorting the stock hold upon the moon Danika laying low I'm running the stock required when the mood evil it lot in the structure quiet or not even even the yet not a recommendation in now say be registered at base room gravity now uh cuerpo no no soul Allah me no no no financial adviser at the PC to Nina Theroux are such fun reading them in an area per cat at non-aligned analyze furnace Aldrin it's a world conservative bank loan book window to not injure get Eric a mother was a fashion mono Mario Indy given they were well on our potential ni NPA balloon on acknowledge Ramos Merkel was running the share when there are this body butter could market were Adi hearing it now you mean the share well I hear another quite cool but non-ahmadi asana moneda That's me well as Bank button enjoy hearing you know in a gdb a Singapore no British come investor no rent a billion dollar in most point of the gradient bar over the RBA key suggest pani Ricardo RBA approve Mornington Hardy be a Singapore whiner left me be less banking or the palais de marido india lover full banking license curricular the Romberg curse now you know ninety percent are but not Ranji percent across olive hang ye rather but the person returned but They couldn't go to cover for every clear cover as the banking license premium another learning of another fare banker the rule of no article when they tear ponga yes bank Elena problem now very a corporate lending are they when they based on real estate and real estate finance companies career-wise here mind you Lakshmi will apparently on the problem not another three a problem or apathy and Lakshmi will let us bring rumba prompt corrective action cool Haircut Nala yard on the Sharon Wong home wrecker the better apropos home period I know equity a zero right off when you go to on the foreign company along along but kuru Bezier Bank is adequately capitalized and in diversity to parasara 101 the NPA collection but now concentrate upon ohanga market don't swing loan me you're not too quietly but you can accumulate on tips if you are willing to Wait for four five years now tell me Zhanna Mojave now say be registered at they said either recommendation in being a careful apart-er and then I spent two hundred uh none dree Monica in the video of my puritan drying at Chandler's of statement in the Bell notification that he wouldn't not now no more in the channel note circle be rich English lower channel are they finance related subjects thump asana morning motivations thought of a page in Kourou channel is North Ito in Panola SIA announcement in the Sunday and Nikki banged alignment panted RK Allah entrusted our King lo q decree event link click click Bernie book punishing us in the massacre Ursula mother element Petrarca Jana interested money pager 2 million people you know the Mucca mana do yaja impastato von daniken go Nina one day cuckoo matzo number I'm signaling a team number I'm seeing the number of zina in your team I'm gonna contact come on

Exide Life Insurance

This is the story of exide life insurance a story of us we wrote this story by being dependable being dynamic being responsive being foresighted we changed the course of history we challenge the horizons and we achieve the victory

we saw the possibilities and carved a market presence like never before we faced our own set of challenges but we made sure that our comebacks were bigger than our setbacks we conquered new unchartered territories and we delivered consistently crossing

Many a great milestones we at excite life have undergone a remarkable evolution over the past decade as we pursued our values to become one of the leading life insurers in india built around equal and strong commitments to our customers advisors partners and employees we can take great pride that excite life is a progressive organization which keeps the customers interest at the core of everything that we do

our ascent has been unmatched as we saw to even greater heights creating landmarks one after another making us a force to reckon with in my 20 years with this organization i've always been inspired by the dedication selflessness and resiliency across our organization and the last two years have been no exceptions i am

Deeply humbled and amazed at how our employees advisors and partners have responded to the pandemic there are countless stories of people catering to customer needs in spite of their own personal lives being affected this will be something that remains in my memory forever so here's to 20 years of our belief resilience and unmatched dedication and above all the bharosa that has kept us going from

Strength to strength exide life insurance in the 20 years since start of business excite life has achieved many milestones and is today respected as a customer focused company that has been successful in creating value for all its stakeholders our success can be attributed to the resilience dedication and commitment of all our advisors our business partners and employees in this relentless industry the effort put in

Every day by our people has never ever ceased to amaze me like any other business we've had our shares of up and downs on occasion a combination of market forces changes in regulations and shareholder and brand transitions whipped up what seemed to be a perfect storm despite all these challenges the company has achieved a blemishless track record of bonuses to our policyholders each and every year since 2002 and has been

Profitable for the last nine consecutive years i personally had the privilege of joining the company as a founding team member and i have experienced the deep satisfaction of working with teams across functions and geographies and seen our business grow from strength to strength what we have created together as a team is truly exceptional it's after all not every day that a group of individuals come together and choose to channelize their skills and energy for

Greater good it is this collaborative spirit and strive for excellence that's clearly created the magic on completion of 20 years of business i'd like to share my heartfelt gratitude to every customer every advisor every business partner and of course every employee of exide life i have always been and will continue to be inspired by the amazing teamwork trust and belief that we've built working together in the last 20 years thank you

As we enter a new phase let's pledge to work together for shaping the future today we watch the sun rise on the horizon of our future we soak in the light that shines on our destinies forever intertwined like the branches of a tree we call trust because the story of our bond is summed in one single phrase

TATA AIG Life Insurance

A grand one in fact we we have somebody very very special today with us ladies and gentlemen it's my proud privilege to welcome the global brand ambassador for aia david beckham hello everyone welcome david ceremony aside i am extremely excited i feel like actually yelling out and saying wow what an opportunity for me it's hugely exciting to be interacting

With you but then i'll hold myself yeah my name is venky dev and i'm the chief distribution officer here let me also now welcome another very important person our managing director and ceo mr rishi srivastava hi vinky you know david we were always looking forward to your visit to india and trust me this virtual platform honestly doesn't seem like a bad substitute after all talking about virtual platforms we

Realized that during these times this this new normal and the and then the way of life that it is crafted for all of us it is it has become that much more important for us to all stay connected stay connected emotionally and that's precisely been our endeavor at tata aia life insurance where we have consistently tried to be in touch stay available stay in touch with

Our extended family our employees our advisors our partners from time to time and trust me each one of them today across india each one of our employees our advisors our partners is so eager it's so eager to meet you to hear from you david so without much ado then let me hand it over to rishi to take the proceedings forward over to urushi thanks venky

But thanks thanks for the introduction welcome david once again we're really proud to have you as a global ambassador for aiea so straight away let me dive on to you know asking you a few questions about it uh i mean you are the global ambassador for aiea why did you chose this role i mean and what do you do in this role

Well firstly i'd just like to say thank you for the for the warm welcome um you know this is the world that we've lived in for the last six months doing these virtual calls and uh talking to different people globally so um it's definitely different to what we uh what the what the normality is for us because uh whenever we go into partnerships

Whenever i do anything for aia i'm always you know on the ground and it's one thing that i enjoy doing so i cannot wait to come to india um i've never been to india before believe it or not so i'm very excited about that uh that trip and and seeing you all in person so to everybody that's listening today i just want to

Say hello thank you for the support over the years because i have a a lot of fans in india supporting myself my family and of course the teams that i've played for over the years so thank you for the the support and i look forward to meeting you all in person at some point so my role as ambassador of aia is is something that i'm very proud of

You know i'm very proud of uh the the partners that i have within the business and the partners that i've had over the years um through playing football um we do a lot of great work uh and my my my job as ambassador is to tell my story really you know my story of how you know not just myself but how you know my family my children my wife

My parents you know um live their life you know and we try to help people as much as we can and like i said you know when you're part of a company that does so much great work and that does so much for so many people you know that makes me very proud to be to be an ambassador today's event is all about david inspiring motivating educating many

People out there in the journey not only on the on the physical health but also the emotional mental and financial health now you have been a sportsman at the highest level you've you've represented your country many times your husband you've got four children and three dogs you know we were just talking about them three dogs and you have a business

Interest many business interests how do you fit in all this how do you fit in and how do you strive forward in your healthier better longer life i mean how do you manage all this well i think the the most important thing for me personally is looking after myself you know eating the right things drinking the right things exercising as

Much as possible taking the dogs for a walk but my number one priority in in everything that i do through my career through my through my from my business um has always been my my family and i think that that's why my relationship my partnership um and our journey with aia is so perfect because it's all about you know preserving the future it's all

About looking after family it's all about doing the right things it's all all about having the right headspace and now more than any any time you know it's important that we're kinder to people it's important that we're looking after people of course we need to work hard to get things back uh to as much normality as possible but my priority has always been my family you know and the health of my

Family and that's the most important thing to me so as as busy as as busy as i am in in in the business and in life the number one priority is my family uh david um you obviously had an exceptional career glorious one obviously now how did how did this football dream happen tell us a little more about that story please

I grew up in the east end of london uh and my dream was always to be a professional footballer for as long as i can remember my dad was a manchester united fan uh my my my grandad was a tottenham fan and my other granddad was an arsenal fan but manchester united was always my team um and i followed them from from a very young age from five six years old um and then

I had the opportunity to obviously sign for manchester united which i did i moved to manchester when i was 16 years old and stayed there until i was 27 years old for all of manchester united and and my fans watching i'm sure you've heard this story a million times and you know this story but obviously when i left manchester united i went to real madrid four years ended up winning obviously

La liga there then moved to the us um and and stayed in the u.s for six years but you know i was i was i was very lucky because i got to live my dream my dream was always to play for manchester united and to represent my country now i never dreamt that i would have the career that i had i never dreamt that i would be able to play for great clubs like

Real madrid paris saint-germain ac milan the galaxy and and and now be the owner of my own team in miami also representing england 115 times you know i'm i'm i could never have dreamt that that would have been possible but i always worked hard and i always tell my children and i always tell children that are asking me the question about how i got to that level or how i was successful with the teams

That i played for and yes of course you have to have a certain amount of talent but the majority of it is hard work you know i've played with players before that have not been the most talented players on the pitch but they work harder than anybody else and they are the ones that have the most successful careers and i take that into the business side as well

Because i think it's so important that yes you have to have a great team around you yes you have to set the right examples but it's the hard work it's simple as that you have to work hard absolutely now david in 2002 there was one indian movie named after you it was bended like beckham and that movie actually inspired a whole lot of women to pursue a professional soccer

Did you get a chance to watch that i've watched that movie more times than anyone i think um yeah because obviously you know my children my eldest is 21 my youngest is nine um obviously i have two other children in between that and they've all over the years started watching that movie over and over again and we watched it a couple of times over lockdown as well

Um i was very touched and privileged that uh you know someone would make a movie like that and i think it was more successful than than anyone could have dreamt um you know it had a great it had a great cast there was a great storyline behind it and um you know i was very proud to to have something like that david we've also seen it many times here uh you know can i assure you it's one of

The popular movies out here uh david we have thousands of advisors and very critical partners you know who've joined with us and some of them are watching today uh you know just like you there are also our brand ambassador times are challenging you know the whole world is in a shift in a flux right now what would be your advice to them if you can give them a tip or a mantra

What what it would be we're living in very strange times um you know it has been for a lot the last six months and there's one thing that you know um that i feel that we need to be more positive we need to stay positive this is the moment where where we need to be kinder than ever before because there are people businesses individuals groups of people

That are all living through this and i think it's now more than ever the moment to actually take a step back and say okay the main thing is yes we have to work hard yes we have to look after each other but be kinder yeah david i like that i like that term you use strange times for uh for today's times honestly india has

Had a continued phase of logged on a partial lockdown right now as as we speak and i'm aware uk was in this space for a fairly long time so how did it how did things happen for you you your family how did you all cope with it how did you stay engaged how did you guys stay healthy we were very lucky we live in the countryside where we have space but i think the most important thing

Over lockdown for us uh was to look after the children you know and that sounds an obvious thing to do and of course we want them to keep up with their school work of course we want as much normality as possible but in their little minds you know they are going through the strange times and all children are different all children handle it in

In different ways but i think the most important thing that we wanted our children to look back on this time as a happy time because of course there's anxiety you know there's there's struggles there's uncertainty and the most important thing for us that we came out of this lockdown and our children look back at you know the last

Five five and a half months and said wow do you remember when we used to go on those walks every day or well do you remember those movies that we used to watch each night and wow do you remember how bad or how good dad's cooking was i think that that is that is the most important thing that we wanted to come out of you know the lockdown and you know everybody's different you know everybody

Has gone through it in different different ways but you know me and victoria sat down with each other and said yes we want normality with their school work we have to keep up with that but the most important thing for them for our children was that they came out of this and was like yes do you remember those those special moments very well said and you know they would be you always

Know that you always wanted to come to india is there anything specific which you want to do in india any places specifically you want to visit you know what i i want to i'm going to have to be guided by you guys because it's the one place that i've always wanted to come to and the one place that i've actually never been to so you know culturally i love the people

Everything about india is one of these is why i want to come you know i i love the food culture which i must admit that's one of the biggest reasons why i cannot wait to come because i'm a big foodie and i try any food any heat whether it's spicy not so spicy very spicy um i love i love indian food so i'm very excited about that so you guys can guide me you can be my

Travel guides while i'm whilst i'm there and take me to some some hot spots you know it will be a pleasure to host you here in india in person and we look forward to that times but really we want to thank you for joining us today david uh through this webcast uh you know we're really proud to have you as aia global ambassador and today through

This event you have inspired many people i'm sure you have inspired many people by sharing the insights which you have shared with us look forward to hosting you here in india in person thank you so much for taking time out today and thank you so much you know i it's amazing what we've realized over the last five months what we can achieve

Uh virtually you know doing things like this and we can we can help as much as you guys need and i think it's something that we do with aia and it's something that we do in different territories and it's something that i've actually very much enjoyed so like i said it's amazing what we can achieve virtually but wait until we're actually on the ground

And we're in front of each other and we're meeting different people and and that's going to be the exciting part so thank you for having me on today and and i want to say lots of love to everybody in india and and to all of our friends and and and partners as well and i cannot wait to get over there and and eat some food and meet some great people