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Aegon Life Insurance Company

We have sharply defined our strategy of being customer focused and protection delayed this means that our way of working and behaviors need to change and this needs to change for all of us because culture needs to be owned by every one of us over here the customer will define our success and not us internally out here and that's why customer expectations should lead to individual change behaviors as well it Needs to reflect in what we do as an organization that is when the customer is a center of the enterprise and will determine the success of this strategy let us commit to change each and every one of us over here let's commit to change change behaviors and change values we should go out over and out - wow the customer we should do complete need-based selling and be fair to the customer offer the right products to the Customer and do meaningful engagement and most importantly honor all our commitments to the customer we need to identify the present needs and also anticipate the future needs of the customer and sell what the customer wants and not what we want to sell engage with the customer in a meaningful way throughout the term so that he feels connected with us and honor our promises in an accurate and timely manner is selling right doing the deed analysis And not pushing in the products and it gives the right benefit and great result as well the persistency of 94% a tenth of our brands speaks the story term insurance policy is required only till the time a person however liabilities but let's say once I'm at the age of 60 I don't need a term insurance because by the time my liabilities are over my kids are grown up so rather I would suggest a customer to go for a retirement policy instead of Term insurance so instead of making a wrong sale I would rather not make a sale each and every one of you have the responsibility to go out and spread the word on protection in in the Indian market and also awareness about us as an organization we have very clearly two situations as customers need to be made aware one in terms of the basic need where don't even but they don't even have a single policy and the second in Terms of being adequately in short where they are underinsured we more empower employees to be ambassadors of life insurance whether as protection or whether as a risk of staying longer where you need to save money your savings may be over and you may not have enough for your retirement inventions mean today the challenge is the awareness is is that point-of-sale as I said when we want to sell something you go to the customer and try to create an Awareness and that too may not be necessarily exactly the need of the customer so the need of the are therefore is to spread awareness where the customer fully understand what they want to buy what is required for them and then let the customers approach us in terms of the needs that they have the other day I met a customer who wanted a product insurance product of 10 lakh rupees his monthly income would be somewhere in couple of lakhs So I told them to list all the liabilities that he had you know the lifestyle caused the children fees and everything and on the other side I told him to write down all the insurance he had by looking at the balance of what though 10 lakh cover he has and the lightly it is he understood that though another protection was missing in his portfolio think ahead anticipate the need of the customer and go out to help in Innovative solutions to service the customer when our customers purchase the product they're thinking ahead 30 40 50 60 years ahead so in order for us to be the most recommended life insurance company of our customers we need to think ahead I think the Cheetos always a means to an end it gives us the ability to directly communicate with our customers so we understand them better we can explain them better what all our products is about and it is ability for The customer to directly purchase our product make it easier for him to protect his family so while future is technology but it is also an important enabler and year 2009 when we considered this route of online insurance we did face resistance but later it became a breakthrough idea and it was widely chosen in the sector we have to carry on with the culture of innovation innovation which brings simplicity for the end customers and all This is done with the intent of making an experience which is good for the customer giving them choices and being or making them instantly a passion to perform means over achieving our goal sheets over achieving our results and over achieving customer expectations passion to perform in one word to me would mean a strong desire to deliver power excellence with a very strong focus on execution famous saying which goes like this is that if it's important For you there will be an extreme strong desire to deliver if it is not then we will probably find excuses for everything you can't really think about your function at all while deciding what needs to be delivered it has to be holistic in nature a lot of times what happens is you decide to do something but then you always take a buffer saying okay even if I do a 70% 80% is okay right but actually passion to perform means that it is not okay you have to Get to the goal poles that you have decided for yourself so let's come these behaviors and these values as we spoke about in terms of passion to perform going over and above the buying the customer every time all the time with no exceptions spread awareness in the Iranian children's market about not only our products but also about protection in general and think ahead Which means anticipating the needs of the customer and offering solutions tuned to that let's all role model these behaviors and walk the talk every time

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