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Exide Life Insurance

This is the story of exide life insurance a story of us we wrote this story by being dependable being dynamic being responsive being foresighted we changed the course of history we challenge the horizons and we achieve the victory

we saw the possibilities and carved a market presence like never before we faced our own set of challenges but we made sure that our comebacks were bigger than our setbacks we conquered new unchartered territories and we delivered consistently crossing

Many a great milestones we at excite life have undergone a remarkable evolution over the past decade as we pursued our values to become one of the leading life insurers in india built around equal and strong commitments to our customers advisors partners and employees we can take great pride that excite life is a progressive organization which keeps the customers interest at the core of everything that we do

our ascent has been unmatched as we saw to even greater heights creating landmarks one after another making us a force to reckon with in my 20 years with this organization i've always been inspired by the dedication selflessness and resiliency across our organization and the last two years have been no exceptions i am

Deeply humbled and amazed at how our employees advisors and partners have responded to the pandemic there are countless stories of people catering to customer needs in spite of their own personal lives being affected this will be something that remains in my memory forever so here's to 20 years of our belief resilience and unmatched dedication and above all the bharosa that has kept us going from

Strength to strength exide life insurance in the 20 years since start of business excite life has achieved many milestones and is today respected as a customer focused company that has been successful in creating value for all its stakeholders our success can be attributed to the resilience dedication and commitment of all our advisors our business partners and employees in this relentless industry the effort put in

Every day by our people has never ever ceased to amaze me like any other business we've had our shares of up and downs on occasion a combination of market forces changes in regulations and shareholder and brand transitions whipped up what seemed to be a perfect storm despite all these challenges the company has achieved a blemishless track record of bonuses to our policyholders each and every year since 2002 and has been

Profitable for the last nine consecutive years i personally had the privilege of joining the company as a founding team member and i have experienced the deep satisfaction of working with teams across functions and geographies and seen our business grow from strength to strength what we have created together as a team is truly exceptional it's after all not every day that a group of individuals come together and choose to channelize their skills and energy for

Greater good it is this collaborative spirit and strive for excellence that's clearly created the magic on completion of 20 years of business i'd like to share my heartfelt gratitude to every customer every advisor every business partner and of course every employee of exide life i have always been and will continue to be inspired by the amazing teamwork trust and belief that we've built working together in the last 20 years thank you

As we enter a new phase let's pledge to work together for shaping the future today we watch the sun rise on the horizon of our future we soak in the light that shines on our destinies forever intertwined like the branches of a tree we call trust because the story of our bond is summed in one single phrase

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