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PNB MetLife India Insurance Company

Let us introduce you to mr sagar he is enjoying a day out with his family he has a unique habit of looking for guaranteed performance in everything because this helps him to provide a guaranteed and secure future for his family by planning well in advance but sometimes even the most perfect plans can go wrong like today So do you have a perfect partner that you can rely on presenting the pnb met life guaranteed future plan this plan is a one-stop solution that helps you plan your savings protection retirement and life goals along with guaranteed results the plan not only provides guaranteed returns but also extra benefits for paying higher premium amounts so let us look at how this plan works if 40 Year old mr sagar decides to get a policy with an annualized premium of 1 lakh rupees he can choose from the given payout options if he chooses the endowment option with a policy term of 20 years he will get a lump sum corpus at the end of the policy term he will also get guaranteed additions with high premium reward along with wealth editions sagar will receive a lump sum amount at the end of the policy term if mr sagar chooses the income option he Will get a regular income payout in this option guaranteed additions along with high premium reward gets added to the policy during the premium payment term he will start receiving a regular guaranteed income till maturity during the income payout period with the income plus lump sum option mr sagar will get supplementary income to cater to the rising expenses as well as a lump sum at policy maturity Guaranteed additions and wealth additions will be added to his policy he starts receiving a regular income during the income payout period and receives a lump sum amount on maturity income plus booster option provides a regular income to mr sagar in the future he will also get additional payouts periodically as boosters to meet life goals guaranteed additions and booster additions will be added to his policy sagar will start receiving a regular Income during the income payout period additionally sagar will receive periodical lump sum amounts he can also choose to get income payouts on special occasions in all these options he also gets a life cover which protects him throughout the policy in case of his death during the policy term all death benefits are paid to mr sagar's family there are many reasons to consider the pnb metlife guaranteed future plan now You know why sagar was relaxed even when things were not going his way he had a helping hand sagar knows that he can count on pnb metlife guaranteed future plan to meet his goals with a degree of certainty now you can too

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