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Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Sameer's Cancer Story

Here's a nice virtual sorry I had dreams trying to buy my own house trying to provide for my child's future education but it all came crashing down one fine day I was diagnosed with cancer my father in his old age is running around to find the right treatment my wife worked extra hours to manage boom and my treatments my savings were exhausted and I had to resort to wrong ways fortunately cancer was detected at an Early stage so it could be cured quickly today after years of treatment I'm cancer-free but I wish that the money saved for my son's education wasn't used for my treatment only if a good cancer cover was available it could have saved my child's dreams thankfully you can save your dreams presenting reliance nipple knife cancer protection plus a plan that offers comprehensive support through the treatment let's see won't makes it special the Plan covers two instances of early-stage cancer and each time it pays 25% of the basics uninsured in case of relapse the plan offers additional benefit of 25% of the basic sum in short early stage and relapse benefits also come with Weaver off premiums for three years and my diagnosis of major stage cancer the plan offers our lump sum benefit of 100% of the six I'm insured over and above any benefits paid earlier the plan also Offers a monthly income of one percent and some short per month for five years this unique nan offers a total benefit of up to two hundred and thirty five percent of the basic sum insured this plan covers children from age 5 to elderly up to age 65 the premiums under this plan are eligible for income tax deduction under Section 8 e d reliance newborn life cancer protection plus plan is a comprehensive cancer insurance plan that will support through the course and Stages of cancer treatment cancer can be cured wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous future

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