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A grand one in fact we we have somebody very very special today with us ladies and gentlemen it's my proud privilege to welcome the global brand ambassador for aia david beckham hello everyone welcome david ceremony aside i am extremely excited i feel like actually yelling out and saying wow what an opportunity for me it's hugely exciting to be interacting

With you but then i'll hold myself yeah my name is venky dev and i'm the chief distribution officer here let me also now welcome another very important person our managing director and ceo mr rishi srivastava hi vinky you know david we were always looking forward to your visit to india and trust me this virtual platform honestly doesn't seem like a bad substitute after all talking about virtual platforms we

Realized that during these times this this new normal and the and then the way of life that it is crafted for all of us it is it has become that much more important for us to all stay connected stay connected emotionally and that's precisely been our endeavor at tata aia life insurance where we have consistently tried to be in touch stay available stay in touch with

Our extended family our employees our advisors our partners from time to time and trust me each one of them today across india each one of our employees our advisors our partners is so eager it's so eager to meet you to hear from you david so without much ado then let me hand it over to rishi to take the proceedings forward over to urushi thanks venky

But thanks thanks for the introduction welcome david once again we're really proud to have you as a global ambassador for aiea so straight away let me dive on to you know asking you a few questions about it uh i mean you are the global ambassador for aiea why did you chose this role i mean and what do you do in this role

Well firstly i'd just like to say thank you for the for the warm welcome um you know this is the world that we've lived in for the last six months doing these virtual calls and uh talking to different people globally so um it's definitely different to what we uh what the what the normality is for us because uh whenever we go into partnerships

Whenever i do anything for aia i'm always you know on the ground and it's one thing that i enjoy doing so i cannot wait to come to india um i've never been to india before believe it or not so i'm very excited about that uh that trip and and seeing you all in person so to everybody that's listening today i just want to

Say hello thank you for the support over the years because i have a a lot of fans in india supporting myself my family and of course the teams that i've played for over the years so thank you for the the support and i look forward to meeting you all in person at some point so my role as ambassador of aia is is something that i'm very proud of

You know i'm very proud of uh the the partners that i have within the business and the partners that i've had over the years um through playing football um we do a lot of great work uh and my my my job as ambassador is to tell my story really you know my story of how you know not just myself but how you know my family my children my wife

My parents you know um live their life you know and we try to help people as much as we can and like i said you know when you're part of a company that does so much great work and that does so much for so many people you know that makes me very proud to be to be an ambassador today's event is all about david inspiring motivating educating many

People out there in the journey not only on the on the physical health but also the emotional mental and financial health now you have been a sportsman at the highest level you've you've represented your country many times your husband you've got four children and three dogs you know we were just talking about them three dogs and you have a business

Interest many business interests how do you fit in all this how do you fit in and how do you strive forward in your healthier better longer life i mean how do you manage all this well i think the the most important thing for me personally is looking after myself you know eating the right things drinking the right things exercising as

Much as possible taking the dogs for a walk but my number one priority in in everything that i do through my career through my through my from my business um has always been my my family and i think that that's why my relationship my partnership um and our journey with aia is so perfect because it's all about you know preserving the future it's all

About looking after family it's all about doing the right things it's all all about having the right headspace and now more than any any time you know it's important that we're kinder to people it's important that we're looking after people of course we need to work hard to get things back uh to as much normality as possible but my priority has always been my family you know and the health of my

Family and that's the most important thing to me so as as busy as as busy as i am in in in the business and in life the number one priority is my family uh david um you obviously had an exceptional career glorious one obviously now how did how did this football dream happen tell us a little more about that story please

I grew up in the east end of london uh and my dream was always to be a professional footballer for as long as i can remember my dad was a manchester united fan uh my my my grandad was a tottenham fan and my other granddad was an arsenal fan but manchester united was always my team um and i followed them from from a very young age from five six years old um and then

I had the opportunity to obviously sign for manchester united which i did i moved to manchester when i was 16 years old and stayed there until i was 27 years old for all of manchester united and and my fans watching i'm sure you've heard this story a million times and you know this story but obviously when i left manchester united i went to real madrid four years ended up winning obviously

La liga there then moved to the us um and and stayed in the u.s for six years but you know i was i was i was very lucky because i got to live my dream my dream was always to play for manchester united and to represent my country now i never dreamt that i would have the career that i had i never dreamt that i would be able to play for great clubs like

Real madrid paris saint-germain ac milan the galaxy and and and now be the owner of my own team in miami also representing england 115 times you know i'm i'm i could never have dreamt that that would have been possible but i always worked hard and i always tell my children and i always tell children that are asking me the question about how i got to that level or how i was successful with the teams

That i played for and yes of course you have to have a certain amount of talent but the majority of it is hard work you know i've played with players before that have not been the most talented players on the pitch but they work harder than anybody else and they are the ones that have the most successful careers and i take that into the business side as well

Because i think it's so important that yes you have to have a great team around you yes you have to set the right examples but it's the hard work it's simple as that you have to work hard absolutely now david in 2002 there was one indian movie named after you it was bended like beckham and that movie actually inspired a whole lot of women to pursue a professional soccer

Did you get a chance to watch that i've watched that movie more times than anyone i think um yeah because obviously you know my children my eldest is 21 my youngest is nine um obviously i have two other children in between that and they've all over the years started watching that movie over and over again and we watched it a couple of times over lockdown as well

Um i was very touched and privileged that uh you know someone would make a movie like that and i think it was more successful than than anyone could have dreamt um you know it had a great it had a great cast there was a great storyline behind it and um you know i was very proud to to have something like that david we've also seen it many times here uh you know can i assure you it's one of

The popular movies out here uh david we have thousands of advisors and very critical partners you know who've joined with us and some of them are watching today uh you know just like you there are also our brand ambassador times are challenging you know the whole world is in a shift in a flux right now what would be your advice to them if you can give them a tip or a mantra

What what it would be we're living in very strange times um you know it has been for a lot the last six months and there's one thing that you know um that i feel that we need to be more positive we need to stay positive this is the moment where where we need to be kinder than ever before because there are people businesses individuals groups of people

That are all living through this and i think it's now more than ever the moment to actually take a step back and say okay the main thing is yes we have to work hard yes we have to look after each other but be kinder yeah david i like that i like that term you use strange times for uh for today's times honestly india has

Had a continued phase of logged on a partial lockdown right now as as we speak and i'm aware uk was in this space for a fairly long time so how did it how did things happen for you you your family how did you all cope with it how did you stay engaged how did you guys stay healthy we were very lucky we live in the countryside where we have space but i think the most important thing

Over lockdown for us uh was to look after the children you know and that sounds an obvious thing to do and of course we want them to keep up with their school work of course we want as much normality as possible but in their little minds you know they are going through the strange times and all children are different all children handle it in

In different ways but i think the most important thing that we wanted our children to look back on this time as a happy time because of course there's anxiety you know there's there's struggles there's uncertainty and the most important thing for us that we came out of this lockdown and our children look back at you know the last

Five five and a half months and said wow do you remember when we used to go on those walks every day or well do you remember those movies that we used to watch each night and wow do you remember how bad or how good dad's cooking was i think that that is that is the most important thing that we wanted to come out of you know the lockdown and you know everybody's different you know everybody

Has gone through it in different different ways but you know me and victoria sat down with each other and said yes we want normality with their school work we have to keep up with that but the most important thing for them for our children was that they came out of this and was like yes do you remember those those special moments very well said and you know they would be you always

Know that you always wanted to come to india is there anything specific which you want to do in india any places specifically you want to visit you know what i i want to i'm going to have to be guided by you guys because it's the one place that i've always wanted to come to and the one place that i've actually never been to so you know culturally i love the people

Everything about india is one of these is why i want to come you know i i love the food culture which i must admit that's one of the biggest reasons why i cannot wait to come because i'm a big foodie and i try any food any heat whether it's spicy not so spicy very spicy um i love i love indian food so i'm very excited about that so you guys can guide me you can be my

Travel guides while i'm whilst i'm there and take me to some some hot spots you know it will be a pleasure to host you here in india in person and we look forward to that times but really we want to thank you for joining us today david uh through this webcast uh you know we're really proud to have you as aia global ambassador and today through

This event you have inspired many people i'm sure you have inspired many people by sharing the insights which you have shared with us look forward to hosting you here in india in person thank you so much for taking time out today and thank you so much you know i it's amazing what we've realized over the last five months what we can achieve

Uh virtually you know doing things like this and we can we can help as much as you guys need and i think it's something that we do with aia and it's something that we do in different territories and it's something that i've actually very much enjoyed so like i said it's amazing what we can achieve virtually but wait until we're actually on the ground

And we're in front of each other and we're meeting different people and and that's going to be the exciting part so thank you for having me on today and and i want to say lots of love to everybody in india and and to all of our friends and and and partners as well and i cannot wait to get over there and and eat some food and meet some great people

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